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Self-Managed Super Funds


Annual Administration

• Preparing Financial Statements for the Fund

• Preparation of the Annual Return including

Income Tax Member Reporting and Regulatory



• Advising of Fund’s activities and reviewing its

compliance with the Superannuation Industry

(Supervision) Act and Regulations, highlighting

any areas of concern


• Calculating member entitlements including

preservation components


• Preparing member statements


• Preparing trustee minutes, trustee declarations, gainful employment declarations


• Documenting the creation of and minutes of

the annual review of the Fund’s Compliance

Investment Strategy, or obtaining the Fund’s

Compliance Investment Strategy from the

Fund’s financial planner


• Liaising with the fund’s auditor


• Calculating annual pension requirements


• Advising on the appropriate level of pension to draw and calculation of the tax to be deducted from the pension, where necessary


• Liaising with the fund’s actuary, where necessary


Fee Structure for SMSF


SMSF Administration Fees*

Annual Administration fee (2 member accounts):


• Accumulation mode: $990 - $1,450


• Pension mode: $1,510 - $2,465**


Takeover existing fund: $0

Review existing SMSF Deed: $0


SMSF Audit by independent auditor arranged by CBM Accounting: $440 - $770


Pension Commencement (per pension):

• Member under 60: $330

• Member over 60: $110

Commutation of existing pension: $0


Actuarial Certificate:

Defined Benefit Certificate (Centrelink): $396

Sec 283 Certificate: $187


SMSF Establishment:

• Individual Trustees: $880

• Corporate Trustee: $1,870


Compliance PAYG, GST obligations:

• Preparation of Quarterly Activity Statement: $0

• Superannuation contribution query: $0

• Binding Death Benefit Nomination: $220

• PAYG Income tax and GST: $0

• PAYG reporting Obligation: $0

Change of Trustee with Deed update:

• Individual: $990

• Corporate: $1,870


* All fees quoted correct as at 1 July 2020


** Contingent on number of assets within the fund

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